Friday, January 23, 2009

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The crowns of the Christian kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were united, by the marriage of Ysabel (Isabel is the modern spelling) and Ferdinando II, they eventually "captured" Granada. When he surrendered Muhammad XII, better known as Boabdil, ended the last remnant of a 781-year presence of Islamic rule in Iberia, thus terminating the Reconquista

One condition of the treaty of Granada was the guaranteed religious tolerance toward Moors (Muslims). History shows that this particular facet of the treaty did not last too long.

In 1492, Spain's Jews were ordered to convert to Catholicism or face expulsion from Spanish territories during the Spanish Inquisition. Not long after (1526), Muslims were also expelled under the same conditions.

All this flashed through my mind as I watched a national leader state that his underlings "don't torture".

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